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Hello, I’m Dave.

Freelance web developer/consultant

based in the

South West, UK

. With over 10 years of experience in building for the web,

I help agencies and SMBs build beautiful websites and apps



Kin | Sail, Spring, Oomph, Healthwave, Capsule Cover, Sifted, Anything World, Cloud 8, Jetpack, Super User Studio, Hello Studio®, Mr B & Friends, Mud, More soda, Fiasco, Blast and more


HTML, CSS, Javascript/Typescript, Node, Graphql, (learning go)


React, Next, Gatsby, Astro, Vue (v2), Svelte, jQuery, Ramda, Three.js, Zustand, @tanstack/query, Prisma, Redis, Git, AWS

Headless CMS

Sanity, CraftCMS, NetlifyCMS, Wordpress

Current stack:

Next, Typescript, TRPC, Prisma, Sanity, Tailwind & Radix Primitives